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  • Whilst we will provide therapy to anyone above the age the 10 years, anyone under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Prove of identity will be required and a doctor’s note with stamp and signature confirming parenthood or legal responsibility for the minor must be provided also stating reason for treatment.

  • We reserve the right to request an identity document - a government issued ID Card - to confirm the client's age.

  • If you are seeking treatment under a doctor’s advice, kindly provide a doctor’s referral note explaining the reason for treatment.

  • Pregnancy Massage Therapy will only be performed on expecting mothers that have passed the first trimester.  The Original Ante-Natal Card (Blue Card) must be provided.

  • In case of a major operation, we will not apply therapy around the scar tissue unless 2 years have passed  - 6 months in case of a minor operation, or unless advised otherwise in writing by your Medical Doctor.  This does not apply for Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

  • In case of a fracture 3 months must have passed so that we can perform therapy on the interested area.

  • We will not perform therapy on anyone who comes ill, with a fever or with any type of infection or is on an antibiotic course. (Reasonsi Therapeutic  Massage therapy may inadvertently spread an infection. ii Out of respect to other clients that would come after an ill client. iii We do not wish to fall ill either).

  • You are required to come to your therapy session washed and clean.

  • When making an appointment, we will ask you if you have any conditions that may be a contraindication to treatment.  It is in your responsibility to respond truthfully.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to provide therapy to anyone we feel is not fit to receive therapy or comes to their appointment in an unacceptable condition of cleanliness. A 50% charge of the full cost of the booked session will still apply.

  • Although we would love to be of service to everyone, for now our equipment has a weight limit of 150Kg - which includes a minimum of 25Kg and a maximum of approx. 60Kgs  (in case of deep tissue therapy) of applied pressure during therapy.  This means that for now we will not be able to give therapy to persons weighing more than 120Kg. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience.  We are working to change this limitation in the near future.

  •  When purchasing a Therapy Session from our online store, the purchase made will remain valid for 90 days from date of receipt/invoice. Booking of appointment must be made and appointment must be used withing 90 days from date of receipt /invoice.  Additional charges may apply to use your purchase after the stipulated period.  Refunds will not be given for missed appointments.

  • For certain types of therapies the option of choosing between a male and a female therapist is available. However, please note that unless otherwise agreed, this option is only available for female clients. For precautionary reasons, male clients will only be seen to by a male therapist.

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