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We are Chris Agius and Anika Agius and we’ve been professional Holistic & Sports Massage Therapy Practitioners since 2011.  What started out a couple of decades ago as a friendship, eventually turned into something more serious, bringing us to now - a couple, a family, parents and together Therapists and owners at Be Well Feel Well.


After years of being manual therapists we've learned to share our experience and knowledge with our clients through a combination of therapies and education. We are extremely passionate about what we do and we will do our utmost to help you should you choose to come to our clinic. We will not misguide you, we will not give you false hopes and we will not offer any therapies which are not within our competencies.

OUR PHILOSOPHY AND MISSION are simple - Be honest and listen to our clients. We want to understand your pain and discomforts and even you, in order to offer you the best option of treatment and guide you to both feeling well and being well without being dependent on us.


OUR PRICES are low because we want to be within everyone's reach.  We believe everyone from any social or economic status should have access to well being and no one should have to put their well-being in second place.

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