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Our Friends

At Be Well Feel Well we strive to help and to provide our clients with post-treatment help.  What does this mean?

It means that we keep caring about you after even after the session ends.  It also means, that while we provide Manual Therapy to help with your ailments, injuries and other issues, we also believe that a healthy life style is a must, and that certain activities and other treatments may support the Manual Therapy that we provide.

For this reason, we collaborate with trusted individuals or enterprises that we know will care about you as much as we do.  We believe that their services will support and intensify the therapies we provide.

Here is a list of our friends.

GymStars  Gymnastics Club

GymStars opened its door to the public in July of 2003 with just 40 registered members and 3 coaching staff. It is now the most established gymnastics centre on the island catering for children as young as 18 months to National Team members. 

GymStars has produced some of the best athletes in Artistic Gymnastics in Malta! They have had the honour of having one of their gymnasts bring to Malta its first Artistic Gymnastics Medal in history at the Small Nation Games in Monaco, 2007. GymStars is the only entity that took better initiatives to better the standard of athletes and of Gymnastics in general. 

to find out more about GymStars.


Besides sharing a passion for sports, a healthier life-style and wellness, as of May 2024, Gymstars also became our second base, allowing us to provide our services in the central area of Malta.

Mr Leandros Calleja 
BSc (Hons)

Mr Leandros Calleja, is a qualified physiotherapist working within the private sector as well as the government sector bringing experience from previous roles at Remedies Clinic, various Sports Clubs and the Malta Football Association. He has also over 20 years experience as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Malta.
Mr Leandros Calleja holds a Master's degree in Health and Physical Activity from the European University. With a robust skill set that includes Manual Therapy, Sports Injuries, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention and more, Mr Leandros Calleja contributes valuable insights to the industry.

We work very hard to be the best you can find.  We never stop learning and doing our part in updating and improving our skills.  However, when Manual Therapy alone is not enough or we need to consult, Mr Calleja is our go-to person.

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