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Cleanse your insides.

The lymphatic system (L.S.) is your body's drainage system.  All toxins and 'dirt' from your blood and organs go into it.  Unfortunately the L.S. has no pump, toxins move slowly, may build up and sometimes clog up. Feeling sluggish, tired and having water retention are some of the first symptoms.  This gentle massage pushes fluids & toxins on the right direction to be expelled helping you feel healthier and cleaner inside and it boosts your metabolism. Ideal for people who are on long term medication or just got off one. Ideal for people who are on a weight loss diet or are following a cleansing diet. Should also be taken into consideration by people who may like the glass a bit too much on the weekends.

Session Duration: 40-60 Minutes

Price: €45

Full Body Lymphatic Massage: Service
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